About us

How it all started: 

We are a group of former school mates who teamed up a decade later to become business partners with the common vision of bringing the Caribbean to life through the people that live there. Originating from the French Caribbean Island of Saint Martin, the bond and passion we share with our beloved island and region on a whole has brought us together with the mission of show casing each island as never seen before, through the eyes and stories of local hosts.   


Although we come from similar beginnings, life would lead us on different paths into careers of Business, Tech and Tourism where we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. With this solid background coupled with an ever-existing desire to put our region on the world map in a true and authentic way in which locals will equally reap the benefits, the concept of West Indies Trips came about.  


Our Mission: 

West Indies Trips aims to give the often-overlooked locals a voice in the tourism industry which so much surrounds everyday life in the islands. West Indies Trips creates an opportunity to bridge the gap between visitors and locals by offering visitors a first-hand experience with a local to better learn, understand and experience local culture and traditions from someone else other than a Mass Tourism guide. 

The Team:

- Patricio Richardson - CEO

- John-Lloyd Hamlet - CTO (Technology)

- Larissa John - CTO (Tourism)