Why Host ?

Your island, your way 

Participate in tourism 

If every local could have it their way, tourism activities would evolve into something more authenticThis is why we encourage you to become a host of your own community and island by getting involved in the things that matter to you most.  

Your island from your eyes 

Everyone has their own perspective on what makes their island the best. You are no exception to this fact and WIT gives you the opportunity to show visitors the island you so dearly love, through your eyes. Tourists are increasingly interested in experiencing authentic local culture and what best way to offer this opportunity than with a local host? 


Everybody wins 

Visitors get the opportunity to indulge in and truly experience local activities and attractions with a local, from a local's perspective. This will help to give them a clear understanding and profound appreciation of your island and its people. 


Earn money while having fun 


As a host, you have the autonomy to set your own availability to suit your needs. Submit dates, times and any location that allow you the flexibility you need. Our communication platform allows you to chat directly with a potential visitor, so both parties are well aware and prepared ahead of the proposed activity.  


Your tour, your rules 

You have full control over your proposed activity. Visitors are important and hosts are equally as important so as a host you will also have the power to choose whether you accept a requestThis feature helps to establish mutual trust and ensures both parties are happy to embark on the activity together.  


Limitless earning 

A top goal in anyone's life is to earn money while having fun doing what they love. You host as often as you can and as a result you will earn as much as you can. At the end of every tour experience, full payment is released directly to youAs your reputation grows as a local host, your earning potential is sure to grow as well.  


If you think you have what it takes to be an exceptional local host, sign up today!